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For those of us fortunate enough to call a "four legged friend" a member of our family, we know that just like with kids, it's not always smooth sailing. there are times when we find that the couch cushions have been the afternoon snack, the table or chair legs have been a teething tool, or then there are those 3 mile marathon walks with our athletic pups on those cold or rainy nights. Whatever you experience, it is important to understand that this is really the nature of our canine friends and there are ways that Romp N Roam can help you deal with the challenges you may experience. 

Romp N Romp allows dogs to be, well frankly, dogs. Our daycare allows them to have social interaction with many other dogs of their same size, to play and exercise to their heart's content, and to begin to understand simple commands that will make their life and their owner's more enjoyable. Interaction at Romp N Roam teaches good canine citizen manners and reinforces the proper human canine bond that is so important for a dog's behaviorism and well being. 

Dogs, as pack animals, seek structure, an alpha figure that guides them through their play time with other dogs. Handlers at Romp N Roam function as the alpha, the trainer, and the referee. The handler's role is ultimately to ensure the safety of our canine guests. We are very talented, energetic people who adore the company of dogs but understand the responsibility of their care. We ultimately influence the positive changes that most owners see their pups after a few days at Romp N Roam. 

Your canine comes home totally played out and tired but also extremely happy and energized. Most of you will notice that they may not want to head out on an evening walk but they sure are ready to head out in the car the next time we say "Anna-Marie and Paul are coming!" There isn't a need to worry about what they are doing or undoing during the day as they are at Romp N Roam playing and learning with their friends. Your babies will have learned a few lessons that they have been working on with Anna-Marie and Paul that will come in handy at home!

Romp N Roam Office Address:
6936 Essex Ave
Springfield, Virginia 22150

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