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Services and Prices

We Offer Mobile Dog Daycare and Cage Free Boarding

We also offer a mobile doggie daycare.  This includes us picking up your baby in the morning and Bringing them home in the evenings. We work rain or shine.  This includes:

Trips to alternating dog parks or planned 5-6 mile dog hikes.

We alternate to keep them from getting bored.  We bring plenty of water as well as all the toys and balls they could want.


Our Packages offered allow you to pay up front and use them as you see fit.  You can use them everyday or as needed.  We deduct only what you use. 

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card, cash, and checks in person or at location of drop off.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT GIFT CARDS! Apparently, there are several websites that are selling gift cards under our name. They are fraudulent. (2/25/14)

We can no longer accept Pay Pal. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We can swipe your credit card at your convenience, please let me know when can we meet.

Mobile Doggy Day Care Packages: 

10 day pass        $26.00/day   ($260.00)

20 day pass        $23.00/day   ($460.00)

30 day pass        $22.00/day   ($660.00)

Cage Free Boarding:


All fees will be paid in full (either prepaid or at time of drop off).  Please include this one time fee before you check out. 

For cash, check, and credit card:

$35.00 per Day

Items required for boarding:
  1. Dog food (We do not want to mess up they digestive systems.)
  2. A pet bed or a blanket for sleeping.
  3. A toy is okay but do not expect to get it back. (They are in an open environment and the other boarders have access to them.)
  4. Dog treats are welcome.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO BONES!!! (May cause fights)
  6. Completed application
  7. Signed contract  
Refund Policy:
If your trip is cancelled or cut short, a credit will be added to your account for next time boarding.  There are no refunds.

*Please call us for address to our private home. We do not publish this on our web site.*

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