Romp N Roam


Jen and Jim wrote... (Angie's List Member)   " Anna-Marie and Paul pick Dodger up, take him for an long excursion (at least several hours, often longer) or romp in the park, and bring him home so he is waiting for us when we get home from work. We purchase 20-day packages as Dodger is with them almost every weekday. Romp N Roam is a very special a very special doggie daycare and boarding service -- I tried quite a few before finding Anna-Marie and Paul. For about the same price as a 30-minutes walk from other services, your dog gets a day on the trail or in the park chasing balls. Dodger was been with Anna-Marie and Paul most weekdays (and whenever we needed boarding) for the past year and a half, and I honestly don't know what we would do without them. They frequently go above and beyond -- as an example, about a month ago, Dodger cut himself in our backyard (on my watch, not theirs!) and I was worried. I called them at 10:30 p.m. to ask if they thought I should take him to emergency vet. They rushed right over to our house, assessed his injury, drove us to the ER, waited with me until he has been treated, and then drove us home. (Dodger ended up with a few stitches -- he is fine now!) They have become family, and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Jessica wrote... "We take our 3 years old German shepherd dog there and she loves it! She gets all of the exercise, socialization and quiet time she needs. Can't say enough about their boarding services, they are wonderful."

Allison wrote.... "Before I found Romp N Roam I was using a dog walker, but even though he came twice a day, my dog was miserable sitting around the rest of the time. Anna Marie and Paul come early in the morning and take Ollie for the entire day with the other dogs they care for. Ollie loves being with the pack and he loves Anna Marie and Paul. He waits for them at the door and showers them with kisses when they come. They truly love their work and have gone above and beyond their duty, even taking care of Ollie when he was sick. I am so grateful to have found them!"

Virginia C. wrote.... (Angie's List Member) "My dog gets to play with Anna-Marie, Paul, and other dogs only occasionally.  She loves it.  She is always very excited to see them. Casey loves going places with Anna-Marie and Paul. They take very good care of her, usually just for an afternoon's exercise, and occasionally for an overnight visit. They do much more than the minimum necessary to get a dog out for a short walk and a chance to pee."

Sue D. wrote.... (Angie's List Member) "My dog had severe separation anxiety (no treated with medication successfully), but she couldn't be left alone without going into terror. Anna-Marie and Paul is so calm with dogs that nothing rattles her, she attends to each individually, has vet assistance experience; my dog, Millie, watches for her every morning and is excited and ready  to go. In fact, she will bounce out the door to get to the Romp N Roam van. The attachment she has to Anna-Marie and Paul tells me how competent, understanding and compassionate the care is. Millie's anxiety is gone thanks to the reassurance Anna-Marie and Paul provides. Everyday Millie comes home happy, healthy, well-exercised, she's not sitting around all day, but goes on daily long walks, to the dog parks and plays with other dogs Anna-Marie and Paul cares for. They have their own pack and are compatible and respectful of each other. Anna-Marie and Paul has taken Millie for a weekend when I needed them to, and Millie is happy. I have nothing negative to say. Meet them and you'll know you're with a "dog person"."

Barbara of Springfield, VA wrote.... "Our Puppy "Daisy" and our six year old, "Buck", has been coming for a while. He was used to running everyday with our grand-daughter, who has just left for college. There is no way we could ever try to match the physical work out he received from long runs. After a day a Romp N Roam, Daisy is so happy and tired that I know she had plenty of exercise that day. Buck is a different dog then when I drop him off. He looks forward to going everyday and I have no doubt that he is in great care. Daisy has been in house breaking training. It has really paid off."

MaryEllen C. of Annandale, VA wrote.... "Duke" is out baby. He has gone to other day cares and I have never seen him Jump out of the car and run right on in on his own. I know he is high maintenance and wants attention all day throwing the ball. When I pick him up, he is so relaxed and tired. This was the best change I have ever made for 'Duke". He is looking forward to his next sleepover too. I have referred Romp N Roam to several of my friends. This environment is the best to all natural as you can get."

Jen of Oakton, VA wrote.... "I only have great things to say about Romp 'N Roam. I've had pet walkers and taken my dog Riley to Petsmart. But there is nothing like when Anna Marie comes and picks up my boy for doggie daycare. He barks and runs around in complete and utter joy. In fact, I don't even say the word "Anna Marie" in the house anymore or he'll go straight to the door and wait for her. They really do a great job of taking care of Riley. They will do long hikes, go swimming in a close by lake in the summer, or go over to a friend's house where there is a big yard. Riley is EXTREMELY tired when they drop him off in the afternoon. Cost wise, they are affordable and it's only slightly more than a 15 min walk and it's soooooo much better as your dog is gone the whole day on a fun adventure (while us humans work in a boring office). I've also had Riley stay over with Anna Marie and her family on the weekend when I've been away. What I love is that they will post facebook updates of your dog sometimes and send you pictures to your phone. Riley does not sleep in some crate like at a pet hotel. He sleeps in their house and even on their bed (bad dog, lol). I am so glad and thankful I found Anna Marie!"

Neil of Alexandra, VA wrote.... "Before finding Romp 'n Roam (thanks to my neighbor), I took my dog to Old Town Pet Resort and Dogtopia.  I was never satisfied with the cost and always concerned, as my dog would hit the brakes and not want to get out of the car.  My fiance and I were on the hunt for a better option.  We found it with Romp 'n Roam.  Our pups get so excited when we drive up to the house.  They're happy to leave us behind and spend time with Anna Marie and the other dogs.  It's like taking kids to Disney.  Anna Marie used to work in a Vets office and you can tell she LOVES dogs.  They are affordable, very responsive and I have no worries about the love and care my dogs will receive while we're out of town."

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